All parents,assistant coaches, head coaches, players, helpers, spectator and others will conduct themselves in an orderly, sportsmanlike, and professional manner when attending any Oaklyn Cougars Athletic Association events including but not limited games and practices. Any report of disorderly conduct including, but NOT LIMITED TO the following will not be tolerated:

All reports given to the Oaklyn Cougars Athletic Association Board of Directors will be reviewed as follows:

Upon Notification, Oaklyn Cougars Athletic Association Board of Directors will investigate the alleged incident and make an official written report outlining the incident and the action being taken.

After review of the written reports, the executive board can recommend the following:

If a parent does not abide by the ruling, the Oaklyn Cougars Athletic Association may suspend the parent's child from further activity until the parent does abide.

I understand that I am responsible for the actions of anyone who comes to watch my child and that these people are under the same code of conduct as I am. I have read and understand the policies of the Oaklyn Cougars Athletic Association. I understand that I will be asked to leave the organization should I violate the policy and disciplinary action.